About Us


JPW Group are dedicated to give the best solution in those three business field. We already served hundred customers in Indonesia, and still growing until now. We have dedicated team in Coffee Trader, Coffee Roastery, Espresso Machine and Coffee Packaging

There is a long story behind this company. Our first business is Web developer. JPW Group has founded by Togu Panandaditya Siregar in 2008. He started this business as a Freelance Web Developer and SEO Services. He got hundred satisfied customers and then he build PT. JPW INDONESIA in 2011.

Togu Panandaditya Siregar is very interested in Coffee. He can’t live without coffee. With his skill in Internet Marketing, he try to sell KOPI LUWAK. Our brand for Kopi Luwak is JPW Coffee. We did 100% Internet Marketing to sell our Coffee products. When we sell Kopi Luwak, we also got a lot of inquires for Indonesian Specialty Coffee. To serve our customers, so we develop our coffee products into another type of coffees. Right now we sell Kopi Luwak, Arabica Specialty Coffee, and Finest Robusta Coffee.

Our third business is Flexbile Packaging Supplier. We areĀ  Indonesian Agent from Swiss Pac India. Swiss Pac is largest Flexbile Pakcaging company. We have many types of packaging, and have a lot of sizes. Our biggest market is from Coffee Industry. Right now we supplied packaging for arround 70% Coffee Industries in Indonesia.