Indonesian Coffee Supplier

JPW Coffee established since 2012. Indonesia well known as the best Coffee producer in the world. Indonesia have a lot of different origin which produces Arabica and Robusta coffee. Indonesian Arabica and Robusta have very good aroma and taste. Rich flavour.


We started this business in KOPI LUWAK product. We sell Authentic Wild Kopi Luwak from Aceh Gayo, Sumatera, Indonesia. We are small-medium coffee company. We have product start from green bean into coffee powder. We roast all coffees in our manufacture. We only choose the best coffee bean to sell.

Our Coffee products:

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  • Wild Kopi Luwak from Aceh Gayo
  • Aceh Gayo Specialty Coffee – Arabica
  • Lintong Specialty Coffee – Arabica
  • Mandheling Sipirok Coffee – Arabica
  • Mandheling Lake Toba Coffee – Arabica
  • Toraja Sapan Coffee – Arabica
  • Bali Kintamani Coffee – Arabica
  • Flores Bajawa Coffee – Arabica
  • Papua Wamena Coffee – Arabica
  • Lampung Coffee – Robusta



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